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Slinky Sofa Table Wenge Single (includes bumpers)

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The Wenge - our newest addition to the Slinky Sofa Tables range.

Check all details including your address when ordering. At this time of year changes often cannet be made.

Do you have rounded arms on your couch? For flat arms please note that your furniture arms must be at least 135mm wide. Slinkys do not work with arms that are too narrow.

  • All new slim and elegant design.
  • The Wenge Slinky Sofa Table suits most modern decor, contrasting seamlessly with light or dark furniture and will be a beautiful addition to any home. 
  • All Slinky Sofa Tables are polyurethane coated for hassle-free cleaning and easy care.
  • Made from Bamboo.
  • Slinky Sofa Tables work on most furniture, flat and rounded.
  • Slinky Sofa Tables make the perfect gifts.
  • Safe and secure online checkout.
  • Being based in Melbourne, Victoria allows us to keep shipping times to an absolute minimum.

Table section is 250mm (length) x 135 mm (width. Each slat is 250mm (length x 30mm (width). Overall measurement when flat is 250mm (length) x 375 (width).