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Here are some questions that we get asked by customers along with our answers. See if your query is covered here.


Can I buy a Slinky in the UK or New Zealand?

Of course! We operate in both countries and have warehouses in both, so no need to worry about waiting times. 
UK - https://slinkysofatables.co.uk/
NZ - https://slinkysofatables.co.nz/

Will Slinky Sofa Tables fit my furniture?

Not surprisingly this is the most frequently asked question we hear. The way Slinkys are designed with flexible slats on either side of the central table piece, they are intended to mould to most furniture shapes. In fact, to literally ‘slink’ comfortably across the arm so that the table section provides a stable surface to place drinks within easy reach.

Flat arm profiles are easy. Simply lay your Slinky down and you’ré done. If your furniture has rounded arms Slinkys will still work. We provide a pack of self-adhesive bumpers with every order which you simply attach to the bottom of the table to unsure that it remains flat and stable on a curved surface. See the images on the gallery page for a visual demonstration.

Are there any furniture types that Slinkys won’t work with?

Yes, a few. If your furniture has very narrow arms Slinkys won’t work. By narrow we mean less than 135mm wide which is the width of the central table piece.

The same goes for extremely wide arms, and by this we mean more than 315mm. The total width (or length depending on your point of view) of a Slinky Sofa Table is 375mm including the slats. See the gallery for images.

Do Slinkys come in other sizes or colours?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

Will Slinkys slip on my furniture?

No. The backing is made from felt which provides grip, along with the weight of a Slinky (about 800 grams) this will hold it firmly in place. Sometimes a curved leather surface can be a bit more slippery, in which case the bumpers should do the trick.

Will Slinkys stain?

They are polyurethane coated, but treat them like any wood surface.

Can I buy a Slinky in a retail store?

Not at the moment. Selling them online from this site means we can keep the price right down.

How do I know I’ll like my Slinky?

Trust me, you’ll LOVE them. We only launched last year but already we have thousands of very happy customers both in Australia and New Zealand. Take a look at some of the comments on the testimonial section.

Can I buy one table?

Yes when they are available, although shipping rates and other costs enable us to offer much better value if you buy a Twin Pack.

Can I buy one of each colour in a Twin Pack?

Only as Singles. Slinky Twin Packs come packed in a box of two of the same colour.